Make Your Own Lotion Bar To Fight Eczema 

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Eczema causes some discomfort like dry skin, itching, scaly skin, inflamed skin, and oozing. Researches have shown that there is no cure for eczema. Doctors often prescribe steroids for the skin so the symptoms can be managed.  

Lotion Bar Recipe For Eczema

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Making homemade lotion bars for eczema provides the relief and comfort needed. These lotion bars help in protecting your skin and elbows from dryness. It also prevents cracked feet. 

Homemade Body Butter For Eczema

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Shea butter is an important ingredient for eczema because it is a natural butter. It contains vitamins A, E, and F, and also stands as a natural anti-inflammatory. It moisturizes the skin with fatty acids, and the vitamins will get deeper into your skin. 

Soap Recipe For Eczema

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Neem oil is an important ingredient for your homemade soap. The oil is extracted from neem tree seeds and leaves. It also helps in soothing symptoms of eczema. Neem oil comes with rich nutrients that are set to nourish your skin. 

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