Keep Flies Away With These Essential Oils

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Are there any essential oils to keep flies away? While there is no such thing as essential oil made solely for dealing with flies, as there are a lot of essential oils that have qualities that repel pests. If you’re interested to know more about  an informative guide and a list for you to take note of.

What are Essential Oils?

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First, let’s identify what these oils are. Basically, essential oils are often used in aromatherapy and are deemed as an alternative form of medicine. 

Why Use Essential Oils

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- They are Natural - Safer - Potent - Accessible - Affordable

Essential Oils to Keep Flies Away

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Proceed to the list of the best essentials oils that you can use to keep the flies away:   · Basil · Citronella  · Clove · Eucalyptus · Geranium · Lavender  · Thyme  · Lemongrass  · Mint  · Rosemary  · Tansy 

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