How To Purchase Spirulina

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Although that would have been the preferable option if you are looking to get regular access to the spirulina, you could also shop for it if you get a reliable place to buy. So, keep reading to find out.

Shopping for Spirulina

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While there is a good chance that you aren’t in the market to buy crap, you could find yourself with nothing but dry grass if you don’t know how to spot the real deal. So this is your first challenge. Identifying the original spirulina. 

How to Identify Original Spirulina

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··  You want to be careful about the misleading information on labels promoting spirulina as an organic product.  ·  It is traditional for spirulina to contain high amounts of protein, so you should check the labels and go for those with a 60 to 70% protein content.  ·  Note the country of production.  ·  You will also want to consider the drying method used in the processing. 

Where to Buy Spirulina?

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Use the Internet  Try Organic Farms to Find Spirulina for Sale Try Vegan Stores 

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