How To Discard Your Old Pillows

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Pillows accumulate unpleasant things such as dead skin cells, skin oils, saliva, mold, and makeup. So, what to do with those old pillows? The first thing you can do with an old pillow is to clean it. Pillows used for more than two years are considered old. The national sleep foundation recommends that a pillow be replaced after one to two years of being in use.

How To Clean Your Pillow

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Step 1: Put your pillows on the washing machine and add detergent  Step 2: Leave it on the gentle cycle for some minute Step 3: Move the pillows to the dryer and put some tennis balls to break any clumps.

What To Do With Old Pillows?

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- Recycle or Compost your Pillow.  - Use them as Throw Away Pillows. ·  You Can also Use them for Outdoor Seating. ·  Create more Floor Seating  ·  Make them into Bed Pet. ·  Use the Feathers to Make Fertilizer.

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