How To Cure Your Fever With Peppermint Oil 

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Fever can be dangerous but it is a way of putting off foreign invaders, bacterial, or viruses. Although they hurt, fever shows that your body is effective and efficient in doing its job. 

Peppermint Oil For Fever

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It has a significant amount of antipyretic and menthol. With menthol serving as an active compound in peppermint essential oil, you can be sure of keeping fever at bay. Menthol modifies thermoreceptors, eases pain, and provides a cooling sensation.

Other Essential Oils To Reduce Fever

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Lavender Oil Eucalyptus Oil Frankincense Oil Cinnamon Oil Holy Basil Oil Chamomile

How To Use Essential Oils To Reduce Fever

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Essential oils are natural helpers that help in curbing fever. They work best with cooling sweats, easing pain, and boosting immune systems. Essential oils disrupt the business of viruses and bacteria in your body system.  

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