DIY Beard Oil 

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Most men now understand the need to care for their beards. Proper care ensures that it stays looking healthy and attractive. This in turn improves the overall look of the person. 

Why Should You Use Beard Oil?

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This product is very helpful in styling and straightening scraggly facial hair. It helps to reduce dandruff and moisturize the hair as well. When your skin is properly moisturized, it helps to lessen and eliminate ingrown hairs.  

What Consists A Beard Oil?

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This product is simply just a mix of various potent carrier ointment and essential oil for added benefits. That is all. The combination makes a remarkable solution that helps improves the quality of facial hair. 

What’s A Carrier Oil?

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These are lubricants derived from plants.  – Coconut – Almond – Jojoba – Castor – Olive

The Best Essential Oils For Your DIY Solution

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You can combine several essential oils that you like. However, some are renowned for providing the best results. Tea tree, orange, and Texas cedarwood are excellent choices.  

How To Make Beard Oil Recipe?

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Ingredient – ½ ounce avocado ointment – 1-ounce jojoba ointment – ¼ ounce apricot ointment – ¼ ounce almond ointment – 7 drops of tea tree essential oil – 7 drops of orange essential oil Instruction Mix all the ingredients listed above together, and use a funnel to pour into your glass dropper bottles. 

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