Combat Constipation With These Essential Oils 

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Essential oils are beneficial to the body in so many ways. You should first know what essential oils are good for constipation. We have taken the liberty to provide you with some of the best essential oils for treating constipation. You should do well to read the safety precautions at the bottom of the article before using essential oil for treating constipation.

Best Essential Oils for Treating Constipation

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· Ginger Oil · Peppermint Oil  · Lavender Oil  · Fennel Oil  · Lemon Oil 

Side Effects of Using Essential Oil 

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Although they may be of benefit to the body, they can also leave your skin sore with blisters. So you want to take note of how much of the oil you use on your skin.

Safety Precautions 

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· It is not always safe to use essential oils directly on the skin.  · You shouldn’t use essential oils for treating constipation for more than three days, consult your doctor. · Endeavor to use essential oil in moderation.

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