Can I Use Essential Oils On Granite Safely? 

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Many individuals enjoy whipping up their cleaning substance as they have a better understanding of their surfaces. A lot of attention should be given to your granite because it can easily be damaged. For starters, cleaners with acid must be avoided. 

Are Essential Oils Safe On Granite?

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It might not be easy to get the best cleaner for your granite but making your cleaner is your best bet. There are several ingredients needed for a granite cleaner but essential oils are quite essential. Do not make the mistake of getting just any essential oil for your DIY granite cleaner. 

Reasons Why You Need A Homemade Granite Cleaner

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Very Natural  Easy to Make  It is Cheap  Powerful, Fresh, and Clean Non-abrasive   Safe 

Tips On How To Make A DIY Granite Cleaner

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First off, let’s make some pointers on the ingredients for making an essential oil granite cleaner. The first ingredient for making a granite cleaner is filtered water. This helps in extending the shelf life of the granite cleaner.  Dish soap or castile soap is another very crucial ingredient.   

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