Best Place To Purchase Kefir Water? 

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Coconut kefir is a beverage that no one knows about. It comes with lots of awesome health benefits. Coconut kefir serves as an immune booster that fights bacterial, and harmful yeasts. 

How Special Is Coconut Kefir?

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From coconut water and kefir grains comes coconut kefir. These grains are beneficial to the body system. It promotes good digestion, immunity, gut health, and enhances the mood and brain. Most kefirs are made with dairy milk.  

Benefits Of Coconut Kefir

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– It helps in cleansing the body. – Coconut kefir flattens the stomach. – It balances the hormones. – It eradicates Candida (a harmful yeast). – Coconut kefir enhances the digestion of all foods. And many more

Water Kefir

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Water kefir is happy bubbly, fruit-infused sparkling water that has lots of healthy probiotics. These benefits energize the body and help heal the gut. If you know kombucha very well, you can easily compare the two.  

Recipe For Water Kefir?

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Some of the things needed to make water kefir are water kefir grains, two to three large 2-quart mason jars, a strainer, kitchen towel, fresh fruit, and water. There are different types of water you can use for water kefir.   

Where To Buy Coconut Water Kefir?

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At any Whole Foods store, you can get coconut kefir. You can find it in the section with the probiotics. These coconut kefirs are expensive and pricey. Refrigeration is very crucial to the life span of the coconut kefir.  

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