Best Essential Oils Brands For Internal Use

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To give you an overview, essential oils are basically organic compounds taken out from plants that turn out to be useful for healing purposes. But, you may ask, “Are essential oils safe for internal use? Which brand can you use? Continue to read to find out.

Safety in Using Essential Oils

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- Check the quality of the product.  - Dilute your oils with other safe solutions to avoid having a reaction.  – Be cautious when using essential oils for your children or your pregnant wife.  – In aromatherapy, use essential oils intermittently and not more than 15 minutes in an hour.  – When taken orally, make sure the products you take are scientifically tested and approved. 

Safe Essential Oils to Use

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·  Eucalyptus Essential Oil ·  Tea Tree Essential Oil ·  Lemongrass Essential Oil ·  Pure Lavender Essential Oil  ·  Thieves Essential Oil ·  Lemon Essential Oil ·  Geranium Egyptian Essential Oil ·  Cypress Essential Oil ·  Vanilla Oleoresin Essential Oil ·  Peppermint Essential Oil

Safe Brands of Essential Oils

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·  doTERRA  ·  Young Living  ·  Plant Therapy  ·  Aura Cacia  ·  Edens Garden ·  NOW  ·  Art Naturals  ·  Rocky Mountain Oils

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