Are There Shark Cartilage Benefits For Hair Or Is The Recent Craze Just A Fad?

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If you’re looking into hair growth aid, you may have heard about shark cartilage. This begs the question, are there shark cartilage benefits for hair, or is the recent craze just a fad? Should you consider this food supplement, what benefits and side effects can you expect from it, and should you consult with a medical professional before using it? Let’s go over.

Are There Shark Cartilage Benefits For Hair Growth?

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It contains a very rich and diverse cocktail of natural vitamins and minerals such as calcium, collagen, glucosamine, proteins, sulfur, polysaccharides, and others.

3 Main Shark Cartilage Benefits For Hair

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·  Stimulates faster cell growth.  ·  Helps boost the blood supply to the scalp. ·  Contains a lot of vitamins and minerals.

Side Effects To Taking Shark Cartilage Supplements For Hair Loss

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– Dizzine – Nausea – Fever – Constipation – Fatigue – Bloating – Abdominal cramps 

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