Are Root Canals Bad? 

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You probably heard that root canals are bad. But the truth is that we may have been misled to believe the findings from research conducted in an era where we relied on coal trains, and there were no paper towels. 

What Are Root Canals?

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This is a specialized type of dental procedure that aims to help fix an infected or damaged tooth. Rather than pulling out the affected tooth, the dentist uses specialized tools to drill a hole at the tooth’s center to mop away any residue and then fill up space afterward. 

The Myth About Root Canal

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With many people and even medical experts citing a relationship between the condition and early cancer development, many people have become cautious about getting a dental procedure.  

Root Canals And Relationship To Cancer

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There has been a lot of uncertainty for patients looking to get the dental procedure as they are unsure what to believe. In some cases, those who carried out the operation went as far as removing their tooth just to get their mind to rest. 

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