A Step By Step Guide On Using Black Walnut Hull Powder

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If you are wondering how exactly to use black walnut hull powder, it will interest you to know that there are numerous ways you can find it useful to health. In this article we will talk about it. So, read on.

How to Make Black Walnut Powder

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Ingredients  ·  Fresh black walnut  ·  grater or grinding stone Procedure  ·  Crush the nut to expose the inner fruit and dry out for an hour.  ·  Grind the fruit using the grater or stone and ensure you get a smooth finish.  ·  You can then store the powder for when you want to use it. 

How to Use Black Walnut Hull Powder?

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1Most people add it to their tea, smoothie, beverage, or any other refreshment of their choice. Just see it as a healthy powder that could go well with your favorite drink. That’s if you can match the taste. 

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