A Special Epsom Salt Poultice Recipe For Humans

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We are going to share with you the best epsom salt poultice recipe for humans in this article.  As you will see, it is not difficult to make.  After reading this article you should be ready to buy materials and get started.

The Best Way To Make A Poultice To Pull A Cyst Out

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You can use different poultices to help reduce the cyst.  One way is to use an epsom salt poultice recipe for humans.  Since epsom salt helps reduce inflammation, it could help in pulling a cyst out.

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·  Put your grinded herbs and epsom salt in a pouch so that  ·  Take water and add it to the salt to make it easier to grind.  Continue adding water until it reaches a paste-like texture.  ·  Put the paste into your reusable cloth pouch.   ·  Warm up the pouch in hot water or a microwave.   ·  Set the pouch directly on the cyst and let it sit for at least 20 minutes. ·  Continue repeating this every few hours until you see results.  

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