A Guide To Using Wool Dryer Balls With Essential Oils 

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We all know how satisfying it is when our clothes smell good after using dry sheets.  We can use wool dryer balls with Essential oils as an alternative for dry sheets that will not harm our clothes. They are both organic and you can choose which scent you prefer.

What Are the Advantages of Using Wool Dryer Balls?

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· Made from natural material · Speed up drying times  · Last for up to 3 years depending on your usage · Biodegradable

Why use Essential Oils?

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1. It Helps in Improving Mental Health Conditions such as Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. 2. It Helps Improve Sleep Quality and Relieves Insomnia. 3. Effective as Insect Repellants.

How to Use Wool Dryer Balls with Essential Oils?

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1. Choose your Essential Oil 2. Add your Preferred Essential Oil. 3. Let them Dry. 4. Toss them In. 5. Enjoy!

What's The Timeframe For Diffusing Essential oils?

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