A Guide To Preparing Moringa Leaves For Drinking 

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Moringa leaves have many amazing benefits. They come from a tree (Moringa oleifera) native to India and the sub-Himalayan areas. Moringa tree leaves have been used for many generations in these Eastern countries to treat and prevent diseases. 

Benefits of Drinking Moringa Tea Every Day

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-Prevention of diseases like arthritis, diabetes, and anemia, high blood pressure, stomach problems, thyroid disorder, and many others. -May lower blood sugar levels. -It is a source of antioxidants. -Moringa tea can lower cholesterol.

How To Make Moringa Tea: Dosage and Warning

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It is important to note that while moringa leaves are fine to prepare and ingest, the roots and moringa extracts should be carefully avoided. They contain a toxic substance that can cause miscarriage, paralysis, and death. 

Preparing Moringa Leaves for Drinking

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1. Wash your leaves 2. Dry out your leaves 3. A couple of cups a day 4. Grind the leaves to make Moringa powder

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