A Guide On Making Your Own Black Face Mask 

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The great thing about making your own face mask is you know all the ingredients that are going into it. By using it on a regular basis, you will begin to see improvements in your skin. It contains natural ingredients that come with many different benefits. 

What Is A Natural Charcoal Mask?

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Charcoal face masks use activated charcoal for their detoxifying properties. They come in different forms including rinse off and peel off.  

Other Common Ingredient

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Other common ingredients you may find in charcoal face masks include bentonite clay, tea tree oil, honey, apple cider vinegar, and essential oils. These ingredients help clear up skin while giving it a healthy glow. 

Benefits Of Charcoal For Your Skin

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-Rids Skin of Impuritie -Reduces Acne -Controls Oil

Make Your Own Charcoal Face Mask

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Step by Step Instruction Step One: Combine Water and Essential Oil  Step Two: Add Bentonite Clay  Step Three: Add Activated Charcoal and Raw Honey  Step Four: Prepare Your Skin  Step Five: Apply Face Mask Step Six: Wash Off Face Mask 

How to Make the Black Face Mask From Home

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There are many benefits that come with using activated charcoal masks including removing impurities from the skin, reducing acne, and controlling oil. 

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