A Guide On Makign Apple Cider Without Sugar

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We will be helping you with the secrets of how to make apple cider vinegar without sugar. But before that, let me hastily run through some of the ways it can be useful at home. So, continue to read.

Apple Cider Vinegar Without Sugar Recipe

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Ingredients: – Fresh apples or scraps (two large sweet apples should be enough) – Fresh honey  – Water  – A mason jar  – Sieve or cheesecloth  – Jar ring or rubber band  – Knife 

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Preparation  -  Cut the apples into tiny pieces. -  Gather the apples into the mason jar and fill up to halfway.  -  Next, pour in the honey over the apples, and ensure that it sips into the fruit.  -  Once it appears there is no more fermentation, you can then strain out the apples.  -  The cider should have fully fermented after a month and should be ready to be transferred into a clean glass jar with a tight lid. 

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