How Do You Vape Essential Oils?

Last Updated on June 13, 2022

Vape is now making rounds in the society, most especially to occasional and chain smokers as an alternative to cigarettes. It’s an electronic cigarette that lets the user inhale the vapor. Its cartridges are poured with liquid (or juice) usually made of a minute to moderate amount of nicotine, flavorings, and other chemicals.

I’m not a fan of vaping myself, but do you know that you can actually vape essential oils? If you’re wondering, how? Read on to find out how to vape essential oils with the help of this article.

How to Vape Essential Oils?

Instead of doing the norm, vaping essential oils require users to do little and short inhales. The reason why it’s done in this manner instead of inhaling for a longer period as accustomed is because the scent of the essential oils is what gives off a relaxing effect.

By breaking your usual vaping habit with the juice for e-cigarette, a slow and relaxing manner is mandatory to fully enjoy the benefits of essential oil. Apart from your inhaling manner, another factor to look out for is the temperature for your vape.

The temperature, as you can see, also plays an important role in delivering the exact scent it released to completely make you feel relaxed. Set your vape to its lowest temperature and gradually increase it up to the range that fits you the most. Essential oils are vulnerable enough not to be able to withstand extremely high-temperature ranges.

Overall, vaping essential oil is relatively easy and hassle-free. For a better vaping experience with essential oil, it’s best to keep a specific tank for it as it’s more flavorful and has a strong scent. However, in case you don’t want to buy a particular tank for it, you can actually clean your tank thoroughly to ensure that the scent and taste won’t adhere and mix with your other oils.

Which Vaporizer to Choose?

You might want to try essential oils for your vaping experience, but take note that there are vape pens compatible and incompatible with essential oils. Before securing the said liquid, try assessing your vape if it’s compatible with your chosen essential oil. If not, don’t risk trying one as this might only cause your vape to break.

The very thing to consider in a vaporizer is its capability to handle liquid concentrates, especially strong ones. Once your vaporizer has this qualification, you’re good to try out essential oils.

How to Choose the Right Essential Oil?

Every person has his or her own distinctive taste that may be good for them but can be unpleasant to others. However, seeking advice or suggestion isn’t actually a bad thing; rather, this can serve as an advantage for you to cut down your options.

Vaping method, as you can see, has a high bioavailability rate. To further understand this, it simply means that you’ll be able to appreciate essential oils better than other ways like using a diffuser. Back to choosing the ideal essential oil for you, you need to check for the potency of the oil first before anything else.

There are oils mixed with high concentration and potent rate while there are also some that are diluted. For you to choose which one suits you best, it’s advisable to place just a little amount of the oil to your vape. This is one way for you not to feel startled by the taste and scent of it. If you find the oil less-effective than how you anticipate it to be, you can always add more drops until you feel satisfied.

How Do You Vape Essential Oils?

Another factor to consider when choosing the right oil for you is the quality of the product. Knowing that vape is a major hit in the market nowadays, especially among smokers who wish to shift to vaping, several markets that sell juices and essential oils are also popping up.

Prioritizing quality over price must be practiced at all times since these cheap, poorly mixed oils may contain hazardous chemicals that might be detrimental to your health. It’s always best to check the contents of the oil and read reviews online (if applicable) to fully enjoy your vaping experience with essential oils.

What are the Benefits of Vaping Essential Oils?

Knowing that essential oils release a relaxing scent, it’s no question that people would spend bucks just to get hold of them and have them as part of their vaping experience. There are tons of oils available for purchase like chamomile, eucalyptus, and so on. Some oils are formulated to relieve you of stress while there are also oil products intended to eradicate your insomnia problem, cure headaches, and lessen anxiety.

Others prefer to mix different oils altogether by customizing it in a shop that sells juice and essential oils to fully garner their effects. However, starting with a small drop must be practiced at all times so as not to overfill your tank with oil that dissatisfies you. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it and wanted to feel more of its effect, you can gradually add a few drops until you’ve reached the desired taste and smell.

Are There Contradictions in Vaping Essential Oils?

While vaping essential oils are now considered by some vapers due to their positive effects, the knowledge about vaping oil is still under further research. No negative findings are yet acknowledged by researchers about this said topic.

However, people with certain conditions like asthma, swelling of the throat, allergy to some oil products, cough, and bronchospasms are restricted from using vape as it may trigger into something more serious. By far, no long-term effects are concluded as of this writing.


Vaping has become a new fad for smokers who wish to transfer to a less harmful de-stressor such as e-cigarette. E-cigarette makes use of vapor in producing smoke. In order to start vaping, you must have the juice to place in a tank for it to function and for you to completely enjoy the vaping experience.

However, some people have considered using essential oils over the usual juice instead. Essential oils, once used, must be inhaled in a short manner to completely enjoy its relaxing scent together with setting your vape device at the right temperature for the oil not to lose its effects.