How To Make Stevia Extract Without Alcohol

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Last Updated on June 30, 2022

Stevia extract is a popular sugar alternative that is a great option for those looking to reduce their added sugar intake. It is a great option for adding as a sweetener to your favorite drinks. Knowing how to make stevia extract without alcohol is a great way to make your own.

Most stevia extract recipes use alcohol, as it is a common ingredient in most recipes. Though the alcohol does evaporate, making it safe for all ages, some people prefer to make it without. Fortunately, you can still make a wonderful stevia extract that does not use any alcohol and it is even easy to make, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have any baking experience.

What is Stevia Extract?

Stevia extract comes from the leaves of the stevia plant, which is also known as the candy leaf, sweetleaf, or sugar leaf. Native to Brazil and Paraguay, the stevia plant grows in wet, humid climates. Commercial cultivation of the plant began in the 1960s and soon spread across the world.

The plant is naturally sweet and contains little to no calories, making it a popular choice as a sugar alternative. It is a particularly great choice for those with diabetes. It is naturally 200-300 times sweeter than table sugar.

The main components extracted from the stevia leaf are known as steviol glycosides. This extract is then used to make extract that provides a sugar-free, no-calorie sweetener that can be used in many foods and beverages.

Stevia sweetener comes in a granulated form in individual packets or in bags. It also comes in a liquid form as an extract. Both are great for adding to your favorite drinks or even to desserts and snacks as well.

Does Stevia Extract Contain Alcohol?

Most stevia extract recipes do contain alcohol. Most of them contain erythritol, a sugar alcohol that provides a sugar-like appearance and texture. In addition, alcohol works to further purify the stevia extract and also provide a stronger flavor.

Using alcohol in extracts is safe and won’t get you drunk, as the alcohol from it will evaporate over time. Other common extracts, such as vanilla, lemon, almond, and peppermint all contain alcohol.

What You Will Need to Make Stevia Extract Without Alcohol

To make a homemade stevia extract without alcohol from Super Food Revolution, you will need:


  • Distilled or pure filtered water
  • 1-2 teaspoons stevia white crystalline sugar extract
  • A dropper of glycerin (optional)


  • 1/4 cup distilled or filtered water
  • 3/4 cup organic glycerine (about a pint)
  • Fresh stevia leaves or dried leaves


For the first option:

  • Dropper
  • Funnel
  • Two-ounce glass dropper bottle

For the second option:

  • Pint glass
  • Dropper
  • Strainer
  • 2-4 oz dark glass dropper bottle

Step by Step Instructions: First Recipe

Step One: Add water to Dropper Bottle

Fill the dropper bottle up with water, being sure to leave some extra space at the top.

Step Two: Add Stevia Sugar

Using a funnel, carefully add the stevia sugar to your water.

Step Three: Shake up the Mixture

Add the lid tightly to the dropper bottle and shake up the mixture until it is well combined.

Step Four: Add a Dropper of Glycerin

After thoroughly shaking the mixture, add a dropper of glycerin to the mixture. Though this step is optional, it will work as an additional preservative to help the extract last longer.

Trader Joe’s Organic Stevia Extract

Step by Step Instructions: Option Two

Step One: Pick Stevia Leaves From Plant

If you have a stevia plant, trim the leaves off, wash them off and allow them to dry. Alternatively, buy some stevia leaves from the store. Then, you can leave them whole or chop them up.

Step Two: Fill Pint Jar

Fill a pint jar about 3/4 full of dried or even fresh stevia leaves.

Step Three: Add Glycerin

Add glycerin to the pint jar full of leaves, filling it about 3/4 full, being sure to leave room for water.

Step Four: Add Warm or Room Temperature Water

Fill up the rest of the pint jar with warm or room temperature water.

Step Five: Add Wax Paper to the Top of the Jar

Add a small piece of wax paper, slightly bigger than the top of the jar, and then add the lid to the pint jar, tightly closing it. Then, once the lid is fully tightened, thoroughly shake up the mixture.

Step Six: Let the Mixture Sit

Allow the stevia extract mixture to sit for 36-48 hours, shaking it periodically throughout that time.

Step Seven: Strain the Mixture

After 36-48 hours, strain the mixture using a mesh strainer. Then, place the mixture in two or four-ounce dark glass dropper bottles.

making stevia extract

 Tips and Tricks

Be sure to store your extracts in a cool, dry area away from the light, such as a pantry. Using dark glass dropper bottles will help keep any light out, allowing the extract to last for longer. In addition, you can also store your stevia extract in the fridge to help the flavor to last for longer.

When properly stored, it will last for a few months in your fridge. You can add it to your drinks such as coffee, smoothies, tea, and lemonade.

Servings and Preparation Time

Option One:

Bake Time

Preparation Time Servings 
0 minutes 15 minutes

One two-ounce glass dropper bottle

Option Two:

Bake Time

Preparation Time


0 minutes 25 minutes (Plus 36-48 hours sitting)

Two two-ounce glass dropper bottles or one four-ounce glass dropper bottle

Learning How to Make Stevia Extract Without Alcohol

Knowing how to make stevia extract without alcohol is a great hack to have if you are looking for your own sugar-free sweetener. Making stevia extract can easily be done without alcohol if you are wanting to avoid using it.

By storing your extract in the fridge or a cool, dry area it can last for several months. You can then add your stevia to tea, coffee, smoothies, lemonade, or whatever you’d like. It has a great sweet taste and you don’t need any experience to make it.

Did you enjoy this tutorial on how to make stevia extract without alcohol? If so, please share your thoughts in the comments below and share this post with those who enjoy using sugar-free sweeteners.

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