About Us

There is only one earth, let’s preserve it for future generations.

Everyone deserves their chance. Swimming in a clean ocean, hiking to the most beautiful peaks in the world, or simply breathing unpolluted air should not be a privilege, but an option for everyone.

Welcome to the Green Living Zone, a place that provides you with endless sources of ideas for making environmentally conscious choices for a healthy life and a healthy planet. We are extremely proud to be able to offer you 100% natural solutions in products, fashion, wellness, and home while empowering you to make a difference in our environment.

Topics we cover include health, wellness, green beauty, tips for living a sustainable life, and the inevitable recycling. The vision of this whole project is to create a world where all people have enough and live in health and safety while preserving the Earth for generations to come. Let’s unite for a better and brighter future!

Edna Smith