Will Silly String Decompose Organically

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You might have already encounter silly strings multiple times when you attended a wedding or a party. In today’s world, where we have to be more conscious about our environment, we ask the question: is silly string biodegradable?

The History and Components of Silly String

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Before we answer the question of whether a silly string is biodegradable or not, let us first have a clearer picture of what it is and what it contains.

Is Silly String Biodegradable?

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No. Unfortunately, silly strings are not biodegradable. Although its formulation has recently changed, it still does not take away the fact that it still uses some amount of plasticizer and resin. These materials will take decades before they decompose on their own. 

Reasons Why Silly String Should Not Be Used Anymore

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– The can is not biodegradable.  – The mixture inside the can contains non-biodegradable components also.  – They are challenging to clean up. – New formulas do not have the string-like features of the 1970 version.  – They are illegal in some places. 

Alternatives for Silly Strings

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·  Use Biodegradable Confetti ·  Use Paper Decorations ·  Toy alternatives

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