What Toothpaste Ingredients You Should Be Avoiding

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While we’ve all made it a habit of brushing our teeth, did you know that not all kinds of toothpaste are safe to use? What toothpaste ingredient should you avoid, worry no more cause below is a list of the ingredients that you should avoid and some alternatives that you can use instead.

Toothpaste Ingredients to Avoid

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1. Artificial Color 2. Artificial Sweetener 3. Carrageenan 4. Fluoride 5. Propylene Glycol 4. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) 5. Triclosan

Healthy Toothpaste Alternatives You Can Try

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· All Natural Soap · Baking Soda · Coconut Oil · Dry Brushing · Herbal Tooth Powder · Hydrogen Peroxide · Sea Salt · Tooth Soap 

The Importance of Using Natural Ingredients

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Using natural toothpaste to aid brushing can help kill bacteria in the mouth without harmful ingredients.  

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