What To Use Other Than Xanthan Gum 

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No matter the reason you are looking to avoid xanthan gum, there are plenty of great substitutes that will work in its place. Some people avoid it because it can cause upset stomachs, whereas others avoid it because manufactured and not natural.

What is xanthan gum used in?

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Xanthan Gum is used in a variety of different dishes including ice cream, soups, salad dressing, fruit juice, gravy, and syrup. It is also commonly used in store-bought baked goods as well. 

Xanthan Gum Substitute

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· Agar-agar · Cornstarch · Unflavored gelatin · Chia seed · Psyllium husk · Flax seed

Great Xanthan Gum Substuite

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No matter why you are substituting xanthan gum, there are some great alternatives. They will work to provide texture, thickening, and stabilizing in your recipe. 

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