What Is It Woman Love About Chocolate 

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It is no surprise chocolate is so popular, as it is one of the most beloved desserts. This amazing, flavorful food is a favorite of people all over the world. There are even many different types to enjoy, including milk, dark, white, bitter-sweet, and semi-sweet. 

Why Do People Like Chocolate?

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-Releases Endorphins in the Brain -Lowers Stress Level -Fulfills Sweet-Tooth Craving -Magnesium Deficiencie

Why Do Females Crave Sweets On Their Period?

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-Drop-in Blood Sugar -Increased Craving -Potentially Keep A Woman’s Hormonal System Functioning Properly -Is Chocolate Good On Your Period?

Health Benefits Of Dark Chocolate

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-High In Nutrients And Antioxidant -Can Potentially Improve Brain Function And Reduce Heart Disease -Lower Blood Pressure And Improve Blood Flow -Period

Should I Be Worried My Salt Lamp Is Sweating? 

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