What Foods Will I Find Propylene Glycol In? 

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Many manufacturing industries also add it to their products, such as solvents, brake fluids, thinners, etc. About 97% of the seasoning and flavors we add to food and snacks contain propylene glycol.  

What is Propylene Glycol?

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Propylene glycol is from the family of alcohol. It was derived from propene. Propene, when converted to form propylene, becomes very harmful. This propylene is often used in making propylene oxide which, when hydrolyzed with water, you get the propylene glycol.  

Which Foods Contain Propylene Glycol?

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1. Fast foods. 2. Soft or carbonated drinks. 3. Processed snacks. 4. Baking ingredients for cakes, biscuits, cupcakes, and pancakes. 5. Beverages that are alcoholic. 6. Coloring agents for food. And many more.

Is Propylene Glycol Safe for Consumption?

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The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) declared propylene glycol safe for various uses, especially in food, drugs, and cosmetics. But according to the World Health Organization, only twenty-five milligrams of propylene glycol per kilogram is safe for your body weight.  

How Do You Avoid Propylene Glycol in Your Body?

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Propylene glycol is present in the majority of the canned foods, beverages, and processed foods we consume daily. It means one may not be able to get rid of this propylene glycol completely. But you can take control of the quantity you consume. 

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