What Does A Ripe Spaghetti Squash Look Like? Read Now! 

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This shape resembles spaghetti and this is why it has its name.  There are so many different ways to cook spaghetti squash.  Not only is it a tasty addition to any meal, it is also very nutritious. 

What Color Is Spaghetti Squash?

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Squashes are a very diverse species.  They come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes.  Spaghetti squash has a bright yellow and orange color.   However, before it turns yellow it is green.  When it is growing on the vine, it is green.

What Does The Inside Of A Spaghetti Squash Look Like?

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Once the squash is soft enough, you can scoop out the squash from the inside of the skin.  It will come out in a noodle shape.  You can use it as a healthy substitute for pasta. 

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