What Do Carrot Sprouts Look Like? All You Need To Know! 

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If you can recognize a carrot sprout, you can also know if one has accidentally grown in your aquaponics.  A carrot is a root vegetable. This means that it grows under the ground.  When they are ready to harvest you have to pull the whole root out of the ground.  

How Do You Grow Carrots From Seed To Sprout?

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Have you ever seen a carrot seed?  It is surprisingly very small! You may be shocked to find out that beautiful, big, orange carrots come from such a small seed.   

How To Tell If Your Carrots Are Actually Growing

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Once the seed sprouts, it will start to get bigger every day.  Eventually, that blade of grass will start to resemble a carrot top.  If you have seen a carrot before, you know that the top has frilly edges.   

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