Top Essential Oils To Relieve Muscle Soreness 

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Sore muscles could mean different things. Stress and tension may even be one of its main causes. There are a couple of remedies for the soreness, but one of the prominent ones is essential oils. However, there are so many available oils in the market. So, keep reading to find out.

Starting with the “Why?”

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- DOMS or Delayed Onset  - Muscle Soreness - CFS or Chronic Fatigue  - Syndrome - Claudication

What Essential Oils to Use for Sore Muscles?

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- Lavender   - Eucalyptus   - Chamomile   - Ginger   - Peppermint  

How to Apply Essential Oils?

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A safety tip where you should first dab the essential oil on your skin, especially on the pressure points in order to find out if you have allergies to the oil. 

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