Tips On Putting Salt Block In Your Oven 

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Cooking with ordinary salt is not the same as when you have the meal laid upon, say, a Himalayan salt block. First, you get to customize your cooking to suit the occasion.   

What Is A Salt Block?

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These types are different from the ones you apply to the skin to help with blocking out the heat from the sun. When we use this term in cooking, we are talking about the cookware that comes in the form of a brick, slab, or block. T 

How To Use Himalayan Salt Cooking Blocks?

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Curing Food: Your fish, meat, and vegetables can be easily cured over a salt slab.   Cooking Food: You will also find the block useful when it comes to doing some of your regular cooking. 

Heating Salt Block In The Oven

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You want to start by ensuring the block is dried of excess moisture before putting it inside the oven. When you put it in the oven with water in it, it could affect the dry time, thereby causing holes and cracks which could destroy the block.  

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