Timeframe For Essential Oils To Work?

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Essential oils used widely in aromatherapy due to its healing abilities. When combined, they are highly useful in relieving certain ailments and diseases. However they may harm the body. So, continue to read to find out.

What Are Essential Oils And How Do They Work?

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Essential oils are extracted from plants. These oils are filled with the chemical and aromatic properties of the plant. The oil is extracted mainly through distillation or using a cold-press which collects the essence of the plant and retain the scent. The essential oil works better as a topical aid instead of a drug. This means that you should apply it either as a balm or ointments, instead of taking it in the pill form.  

How Long Does It Take for Essential Oil to Work?

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There is no specific time frame for essential oils to take effect. To get the desired result, you will have to make use of more than one essential oil. In certain cases, you may need to combine up to five essential oils. 

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