The Perfect Guide On When To Harvest Serrano Peppers 

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Serrano peppers are one of these many varieties.   They originate in the mountains of Mexico and are most similar to the loved jalapeno peppers.  Remember, all peppers belong to the same family.  This means they will have similar growing requirements.  

Growing and Harvesting Serrano Pepper

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When grown correctly, these peppers can grow to be very tall.  A full-grown plant is around 5 feet tall!  The taller your plant means the more peppers you will get. If you can grow your plant to be 5 feet tall you can have a very productive plant.

How Do I Know When To Harvest My Serrano Peppers?

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Once you see the chili starting to form, you need to wait until it is big enough to harvest.  Serrano peppers grow to be around 4 inches long.  It is possible to harvest them earlier.  

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