The Best Design For Green Bean Trellises 

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Green beans are a fun and productive plant to grow.  If done right, you can have a lot of green beans on your dinner plate.  These beans are known as climbers.   

What Type Of Trellis Is Best For Growing Green Beans?

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If you are growing a vine bean variety, you will need to provide additional support.  This is where the trellis comes in.  A trellis is anything that supports your plant to grow vertically.  

How To Help Your Green Beans Climb

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The first option for a green bean trellis design is a teepee.  A teepee has been a traditional practice for growing beans all around the world.  It is simple to make and low budget. 

How Tall Should A Green Bean Trellis Be?

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Green bean trellises should be around 6-8 feet high. You can train the plant to climb around and down the trellis as well  You can let the bean dry in the pod and use the seeds to sprout new plants.  

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