Swollen Lymph Nodes - How To Cure With Essential Oils

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Essential oils can be an excellent solution for treating inflammation. I found many inquiries into the effectiveness of doTerra essential oils for relieving the symptoms of swollen lymph nodes.

What is a Swollen Lymph Node?

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You’d probably noticed them as a tiny lump at specific parts of the body. It is common around the neck, thigh, or any other area involved in the body’s lymphatic drainage. Most likely, you won’t have to worry about much, and most people do nothing, and the situation takes care of itself. However, there are treatments available that can remedy the problem quickly.

What is doTerra Essential Oil?

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The doTERRA brand has been around for a while, and if you are familiar with quality essential oils might have used one of them before. But when it comes to using essential oils for treating any skin condition, you want to be careful to select the right one. And it helps if you know which brands of doTerra essential oils to use for a swollen lymph node.

Best doTerra Essential Oils for Swollen Lymph Node

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·  Geranium Essential Oil for  Lymphatic System ·  Citrus Essential Oil For Lymph Drainage

Essential Oils for Swollen Glands

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For faster relief, you can combine a few drops of geranium and a few citrus essential oils and apply it to the area of the skin that is swollen. You can also include it in a refreshing beverage if it is safe to consume. However, if you are faced with a challenging situation, you should check with your doctor for advice. 

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