Soybean And Canola Free Mayo 

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But is it possible to find mayo without soybean oil or canola oil? You can bet there are alternatives to choose from. Many people may opt for hummus in their dips instead, and when it comes to the best ones for you, there are a few things you want to consider.  

What Is Mayonnaise?

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Mayo is prepared for use as a condiment for meal preparation. The common ingredients in the mix are eggs, oils, flavors like mustard and salt, with other acidic ingredients which serve as preservatives such as vinegar or lemon juice. 

Why Choose Mayo With Soybean And Canola Oil?

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Opting for those containing oils may not be your ideal pick. And this is for one reason. Soy and canola oils are high in fat, which can be a turn-off for people interested in a low-fat diet.  

Better Alternatives To Soybean And Canola Oil

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When in the mayonnaise market, your best bet is to opt for those containing healthier oil sources. -Coconut And Avocado Oil Mix -Olive Oil  -Sunflower Oil

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