Scouring Powder Explained 

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Fortunately, scouring powder can be a great option if you are looking to stay away from cleaners with lots of chemicals in them. It is a great alternative to traditional storebought cleaners and is specifically great for deep cleaning. 

What Is Scouring Powder?

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Scouring powder is a type of household cleaning product that has an abrasive powder that is commonly mixed with a dry soap or detergent, soda, and even in some cases dry bleach. Generally, it is about 80% insoluble abrasive powder, 18% a soluble base, and 2% a detergent. 

What Is Scouring?

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Scouring is simply a method of cleaning that consists of rubbing a surface hard, generally with an abrasive or detergent. It is the process of removing dirt, stains, and other messes from surfaces, such as in bathrooms or kitchens. 

What Can You Use Scouring Powder To Clean?

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Scouring powder can be used to clean a variety of different surfaces including tile flooring, sinks, bathtubs, toilet bowls, and counters. It is safe to use on surfaces such as stainless steel, porcelain, and laminate. 

How To Make Your Own

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A basic homemade scouring powder starts out with baking soda. From there, you can add different ingredients in order to customize your cleaner for your needs. To make a scrub, you can simply combine baking soda with water until it forms a paste. 

How To Use

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To use, sprinkle your scouring powder onto a damp cloth or sponge. Then, rub it into the surface you are cleaning and then rinse the surface with water. 

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