Protein Comparison - Kale Vs Beef

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Kale and beef have been competing as to which of them has the more and better protein? If you did not know this, continue reading on this article as we compare the proteins in Kale vs. Beef. 

What is Protein?

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Protein is a chain-like molecule that is composed of many amino acids that are glued together by peptide bonds.

Protein in Kale vs. Beef

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Kale has been dubbed as one of the world’s healthiest food. It is a green or purple leafy vegetable that is part of the cabbage family.  Beef is sourced out from the carcass of cattle. The skeletal muscle of beef can come in different shapes and sizes. 

Which is a Better Protein Source: Kale or Beef?

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As mentioned above, the healthier choice as a primary source of protein is Kale. This is because it is accompanied by more robust and easy to digest nutrients for the body. Kale is just basically protein, carbs, and water.

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