Plastic Bottles Substitutes 

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Bottles are not the only waste that puts the environment at risk. Other forms of pollution need to be looked into and drastic measures are taken to limit the dangers they pose. 

Why Avoid Plastic Bottles And Look For Alternatives To Plastic Water Bottle

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While they make a good way to package water and beverages, they do not help the environment in any way. They take years to decompose if they eventually do, and until then will disturb the natural balance of the ecosystem. 

What are the Best Plastic Bottle Alternatives?

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-Glass -Stainless Steel -Ceramic -Paper Bottle -Reusable Bottle

Putting A Stop To Plastic Bottle

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It will take the combined effort of everyone to put an end to the plastic menace in the environment. There is pressure on the government by environmentalists to come up with sanctions on improper waste disposal.  

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