Plantain Tea Recipe 

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Though many people consider it a weed, plantain has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. It has many health benefits that go overlooked, as this weed is much more than a nuisance in your garden. 

What is Plantain Weed?

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Plantain is a type of herb that grows as a weed in many areas, including playgrounds, parking lots, and gardens. Though it is often disregarded as a nuisance, it has also been used for medicinal purposes for a long time.  

Benefits of Plantain Leave

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Plaintain leaves have the ability to reduce inflammation related to injury or illness. It can even help the process of healing a wound by not only reducing inflammation but also by blocking microbial growth and even relieving pain. 

What Does Plantain Tea Taste Like?

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Plantain tea has a slightly earthy flavor with a subtle hint of fruit. It has a deep, smooth flavor and an overall pleasant taste with a slight hint of a honey background. Many people enjoy it with a sweetener such as honey, sugar, or maple syrup. 

What You Need to Make Plantain Herb Tea

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Ingredient – One cup boiling water – 1 tablespoon dried plantain leaves or 2-3 tablespoons fresh plantain leave Equipment – Kettle – Mug – Strainer Step by Step Instruction: Step One: Boil Water Step Two: Add the Water to the Tea Step Three: Strain the Tea

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