Maca Root Helps Gain Weight And What Other Benefits Does Have? 

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Does maca root help with hormonal disbalance, muscle build-up, gastrointestinal issues, or all the other issues it’s often marketed as effective against. And, probably the most cited benefit of maca root – libido and fertility, does it really help with those? 

Maca Root Helps Gain Weight – True Or False?

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Maca root is often recommended to people who are trying to gain weight in a healthy manner. And it is true, maca root helps gain weight and it does so in a healthy manner when taken in the appropriate dose. 

What Minerals, Vitamins, And Other Nutrients Does Maca Root Include?

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– Calcium (450 g per 100 g of maca root) – Magnesium (104 mg per 100 g) – Potassium (1500 mg per 100 g) – Phosphorus (220 mg per 100 g) – Iron (25 mg per 100 g) – Sodium (25 mg per 100 g) – Selenium (20 mcg per 100 g). And much more

What Else Is Maca Root Helpful For?

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– Fertility problems in both men and women – Libido deficiencies in both men and women – Fragile bone – Poor memory – Muscle build-up – Fatigue and lack of energy – Ease menopausal symptoms as well as the symptoms of hormonal disbalance in postmenopausal women – Alleviates digestive tract issue

Are There Any Drawbacks, Side Effects, Or Risks To Taking Maca Root?

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-Most commercial maca root powder supplements don’t list their ingredients properly. -Taking more than 3 to 5 grams of maca a day can lead to fatigue.   -Maca root isn’t recommended for people with thyroid issues as it contains goitrogens. -Maca are often not recommended for your children and pregnant women. 

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