Is Vinegar A Bug Repellent?

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A lot has been attributed to vinegar. In this article we will be discussing about using vinegar to keep away bugs. Read further to see if it can be achieved!

Vinegar Keeps Away and Attracts Bugs

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On the one hand, vinegar has been proven effective in deterring insects and ants. On the hand, you may be attracting more bugs than you keep away when you place a container of vinegar at a vantage position.

How You Can Use Vinegar to Keep Bugs Away

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– Apple Cider Vinegar with Few Drops of Dish Soap – Trapping Aphids and Fruit Flies – Repel Ants Using Ants – Spider Repellent

How To Spray Vinegar

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Ideally, you have two formats of applying vinegar as a way of keeping away bugs. However, if you prefer the longer route of making vinegar at home, you need to be sure that the relevant ingredients are handy and in their right quantities too. You can then pour into a spray bottle and apply the solution on the desired surfaces. 

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