Is Marshmallow Root Tasty? 

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And while some people aren’t cut out for bitter-tasting recipes, some others don’t mind. But do marshmallow roots taste sweet or sour? We are about to find out.  

What Is Marshmallow Root?

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Popularly known as the marshmallow plant, the perennial herb is famous as a homemade therapy that serves many uses. It can be found in moist areas, preferably river banks, sandy soils, and salt marshes. 

Uses Of Marshmallow Root 

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-Helps In Wound Treatment  -Soothe Skin Irritation -Cough Relief -Relieve Dry Mouth

What Does Marshmallow Root Taste Like?

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While it isn’t sweet tasting like many oral preparations, it has a slightly appealing earthy taste. Although the regular marshmallow is milder to the taste, you will have to brace yourself when taking the preparation regularly. 

How To Make Marshmallow Root Tea At Home?

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Marshmallow Tea Ingredients: –One tablespoon full of marshmallow root –One teaspoon of peppermint leaf –I cup of Luke warm water –Pint-size mason jar Preparation: -With all the ingredients assembled  -Please put on the lid and shake gently  -Store it in the refrigerator overnight -Remove any residues.  

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