Important Information About Epsom Salt Enema Side Effects 

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An Epsom salt enema is when you put Epsom salt up your rectum.  It is a very effective method of cleaning your stomach system.  However, there are Epsom salt enema side effects that you should be aware of. 

Precautions For Epsom Salt

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Epsom salt is a very powerful mineral.  You need to use it carefully and always consult medical advice before using self-administered remedies. If you experience irritable bowel syndrome and colitis, you also should not use Epsom salt.  

Dangers and Side Effects Of Epsom Salts For Constipation

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The first thing that could happen is an infection in the skin around your rectum.  This would be caused by unsanitary conditions.  A second danger is that your internal body chemistry can get disrupted.  One issue commonly found after an enema is an imbalance in your electrolytes.    

Epsom Salt and Toxin

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One of the main ways toxins exit the human body is through our excretion.  This means through our feces and urine.  If you are having trouble producing either of those, toxins will store up quickly.  

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