How Whole Tone Music Can Be Therapeutic

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Whole-Tone Music Therapy is an aspect of sound healing therapy. It aims to improve the physical and emotional well-being of the individual. The practitioner is certified and fully licensed to conduct such services.

What Is Sound Healing?

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Sound healing is believed to have been fashioned by traditional healers far back in ancient Greece. Traditional healers fashioned it as a form of curing mental disorders.

Physical Benefits

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– Improved respiration – Reduced heart rate – Lower blood pressure – Relaxed muscle tension – Improved cardiac output

Using Sound for Physical Therapy

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·  To direct the mind away from pain, stress, and anxiety.  ·  To provide a sound stimulus.  ·  Release of body tension. ·  To offer positive visual imagery. ·  For changing the patient’s mood. ·  In providing a prompt and deep relaxation response. ·  To condition the mind to positive thoughts and feelings to better embrace life.

The Mental Benefits of Whole-Tone Music Therapy

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– Headache – Muscle pain and tension – Chest pain – Insomnia – Stomach upset – Fatigue

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