How To Use Tea Tree Oil On Your Gums

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Recently, tea tree oil has been gaining popularity for its wide array of benefits. In fact, it is already a common ingredient in some kinds of toothpaste due to its gum health benefits. So, please keep reading to find out.

What is Tea Tree Oil?

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Tea Tree Oil is also referred to as Melaleuca Oil. It is a type of essential oil that is produced by steaming Australian tea tree leaves.

Applications of Tea Tree Oil for Gums Benefit

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By using tea tree oil in toothpaste and mouthwash, studies showed that it was able to reverse the subjects’ problems of gingivitis. However, several people showed allergic reaction side effects on tea tree oil, especially when it was on gel form. This is why if you intend to use it at home for your gums, it is a good practice to check first whether you are allergic or not.

Forms of Tea Tree Oil for Gum Care

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     Toothpaste ●     Mouthwash

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