How To Use Essential Oils On Your Car 

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You just got to deal with different bodies and the smell either good or bad. Even the long drive alone can present some sweat and tiring experience as your passengers are packed into the car, the use of essential oil can help.

Why The Need For Essential Oils For Your Car

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The new car scent is the result of different chemicals gassing out from a car. The smell is not so safe to inhale particularly if you will be spending a while in your car.  

Best Essential Oil For Car

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Essential oils not only smell amazing, but they also have anti-inflammatory properties.  1. Basil 2. Cypre 3. Fir needle 4. Neroli 5. Balsam fir 6. Bergamot 7. Spruce And many more.

Health Benefits You Gain From Using Essential Oil

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– Essential oils can interact with our brain’s limbic system. – There are some antimicrobial properties you stand to gain using this oil. They can help wade off unwanted germs on the surface of your car. – Using some of this oil can help reduce stress and increase alertness which is very useful while driving.

How Do You Clean Your Car With Essential Oils?

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Essential oils can be used good cleaner for various parts of your car. The parts of your cars such as the tires, the windows, as well as the interior parts can be cleaned using this effective oil. 

How Do You Make Scented Car Spray?

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For a recipe in a 50ml spray bottle, use your preferred essential oil. For instance, doing a 50ml spray bottle, you can go for 10ml peppermint, 10ml rosemary, 10ml lemon, and 1 pinch of salt. Then this should be topped with pre-boiled cooled water. 

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