How To Use Colloidal Silver To Cure Warts 

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Can you use colloidal silver for warts?As of now, they form growths on the skin. The growth is challenging to detect. Sometimes the growth can be prominent on areas of the body such as the face, neck, hands, and feet. Prevention is always best.

Do You Know What Wart Is?

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For those who do not know, they are viral infections that are in several forms. HPV (Human Papillomavirus) has over a hundred strains that cause several types of warts.  

Can You Use Colloidal Silver For Warts?

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Traditional healers have long used colloidal silver. They use it to support healthy and beautiful skin. Also, some commercial products even have silver as an active ingredient to help wound heal better. Nonetheless, colloidal silver is simply the most potent and purest product to use. 

Can Home Remedies Be Used?

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An excellent home remedy for warts is simply keeping duct tape over the taint. You can use this piece of duct tape alongside an infection remover.  

Can Colloidal Silver Be Used On Any Body Part?

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Yes, colloidal silver can be used on any body part, as it is safe. Before antibiotics were formed, colloidal silvers were used on newborns to prevent infection on the eyes. It is mainly used as an oral supplement. It is used as skin support as well. 

Different Type

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Seed: This taint is caused mainly by clotted blood vessels feeding the infection.   Flat: This is most common in children.  Plantar: These infections are mostly picked up from the gym or swimming pools.  

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