How To Protect Natural Black Hair At Home

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Keeping your natural black hair as healthy as possible means you want to be on top of your hair care. And you can do this using a DIY heat protectant for natural black hair to lock in nutrients. For one, leaving the hair exposed with protection from the sun could lead to dryness and scalp irritations. In this article, we will be discussing about it.

Protecting the Hair from Heat

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The heat from the flat iron of the stretcher or curler usually affects the strength of the strands. This causes curly hair to straighten after heat treatment. The loss of water and keratin in the cortex resulting from the heat could lead to weak hair strands that appear dull.

Oils for DIY Heat Protectant for Natural Black Hair

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·  Coconut Oil ·  Argan Oil ·  Sunflower Oil ·  Shea Butter ·  Avocado Oil ·  Almond Oil

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