How To Make Himalayan Salt Block Vegetables 

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If you have tried Himalayan salt block vegetable recipes, you surely will agree that it is one to does make a desirous dining treat. But if it happens that you are yet to try it out, you still can benefit by checking out the simple recipe I’ll be providing later in the article. 

What Is Himalayan Salt?

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It’s like your regular table salt, only difference is that it does appear pinkish due to the presence of trace elements in them from their mining sites in Pakistan.  

What Are The Uses Of Himalayan Salt?

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Just like your regular cooking option, you could also use the pinkish Himalayan variety in your meal preparation. Unlike Epsom salt for skincare.

What Is Himalayan Salt Block?

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It is simply a large collection of Himalayan salt usually collected to form a block. And while do this you may ask? To prepare food and serve them to clients at a sophisticated establishment. 

Himalayan Salt Block Vegetable Recipe

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Ingredients for Salt Block Recipe: – 500grams of fresh asparagu – 1 tablespoon of olive oil – Pepper to taste Recipes Preparation: -Set the Himalayan salt block in the oven and preset the heat to 400 F. -Oil the block in the oven with the olive oil, leave for a minute, and add the asparagus immediately -Add in the pepper and leave in the oven to cook for up to ten minutes

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