How To Make Eyelash Serum At Home 

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Most people  use essential oil in their beauty regimen to reverse aging or improve skin quality. People believe that adding lavender and cedarwood to mascara can help to support healthy lash. This might be a good idea. 

What Are the Ingredients You Need?

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-Castor Oil -Lavender And Cedarwood Essential Oils  -Vitamin E  -Empty Mascara Bottle  -Small Squeeze Bottle With A Pointed End

How To Make Your DIY Solution

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-Step 1: Fill the small squeeze bottle halfway with castor oil.. -Step 2: You then grab the empty mascara tube and then pull out its wand.  -Step 3:Fill up the mascara tube halfway. Afterward, cut the vitamin E capsule’s tip, and squeeze it into the bottle. Step 4: Pour two drops of both the lavender and cedarwood essential oil.  -Step 5: Use the solution morning and night 

Benefits Of A DIY Lash Serum

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-All ingredients used in your recipe are rich in fatty acids.   -The essential ingredient of your DIY recipe is castor oil.  -Castor oil is a source of vitamins, most especially vitamin E.  -Castor oil promotes hair growth and helps to improve its sheen.  -The vitamin E capsule in your recipe is helpful as well.    And many more

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